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How does Virtual Reality work?

So you’ve heard about XRHealth, or virtual reality, and you’re interested in trying it out … but how does virtual reality work? Why should you try it? What is Virtual Reality? VR is a computer-created environment that we can interact with. Using VR headsets to give users a more realistic experience is one way to

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running technique tips

3 Running Technique Tips

Over the past year, more and more people have been picking up running as a sport due to restrictions and gym closures. You might be one of them! But have you been doing it properly? Lace up your shoes and read on to explore 3 simple running technique tips! 1. Do not let your knees touch

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XRHealth Physiotherapist

A Day in the Life of an XRHealth Physiotherapist

A typical day in the life of an XRHealth Physiotherapist does not quite exist (yet)! It’s different for all of us. From assessing and treating patients via telehealth, to playing with virtual reality technology, to completing potential business opportunity proposals, to having team meetings, to doing your clinical notes … well, you get the picture!

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Product Update – 12 October 2020

We’re excited to release some updates this week, including a new app and a new way of communicating with your clinician! The Mindset app uses a variety of proven wellness methods and cognitive therapy methodologies to help patients with their mental health and wellbeing, including Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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XRHealth featured on 10News First

XRHealth was recently featured on a 10 News First story, discussing the latest innovations in technology and healthcare.  Our lovely physio, Gabby Street, spoke with Sydney Pead to talk more about our technology and the applications we use to treat patients. You can watch the video below!

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ice or heat

Ice or Heat?

If you’ve ever injured yourself or experienced significant physical pain or discomfort you’ve probably wondered if it was better to place ice or heat on the area to alleviate it. Maybe you’ve even tried both! Ice treatment Ice is mostly used after sustaining an acute injury. This means if you’ve sustained a new injury within the

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working from home

5 Tips for Working From Home

Sitting at a desk for long periods? Or perhaps sitting on a couch or a barstool while working from home? Constant headaches? Neck pain? Upper back and shoulder pain? These are common challenges people working from home face every day. If this sound like you, then this article is for YOU! Prolonged sitting, particularly in

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stay active in isolation

5 Ways to Stay Active in Isolation

Some gyms are closed, many sports seasons are delayed, but that doesn’t mean activity has to stop. It’s just as important as ever to exercise and stay active in isolation, for the sake of both mental and physical health. Here are 5 top tips for keeping fit and healthy during isolation: Find something you enjoy

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working from home ergonomics

Working From Home Ergonomics

Working from home, and feeling your spine creak every time you pull out your laptop? We’ve got some tips to help you get more comfortable and improve your working from home ergonomics. What are we aiming for? The general rule for sitting properly at your desk/workstation is maintaining a 90 degree bend in your arms

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manage chronic pain

How to Help Manage Chronic Pain

1. Learn about pain You may have heard the popular phrase “knowledge is power”. Staying educated about your health is empowering, and helps you to take control of your wellbeing, and this is especially true when it comes to chronic pain. Learning about how pain works has been proven to lower pain severity, increase function

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