A Day in the Life of an XRHealth Physiotherapist

A typical day in the life of an XRHealth Physiotherapist does not quite exist (yet)! It’s different for all of us. From assessing and treating patients via telehealth, to playing with virtual reality technology, to completing potential business opportunity proposals, to having team meetings, to doing your clinical notes … well, you get the picture!

Let’s start with the clinical side of things. You have a diary and it is open for patients to book in for their sessions. Your entire day revolves around how many patients you are seeing, and no other task takes priority over assessing and treating patients. All of these patient sessions are telehealth sessions- which is basically the delivery of healthcare via digital communication without being physically present with the patient.

The entire concept of XRHealth is using virtual reality technology to assist with our assessment and treatment methods. As an XRHealth physiotherapist, we have to be proficient in using the technology and teaching others how to use it. As this virtual reality technology is at the centre of our sessions, the data logged from each of our sessions and the rehab sessions the patients do in their own time (off our prescription) is then used to track progress and formulate ideas for ongoing treatment. So we follow the trajectory our patient takes us on with their engagement with the virtual reality exercise program.

In addition to this, we also prescribe non-virtual reality related exercises, educate our patients about anything relevant to their care and also take down notes from our sessions, just like we would in a brick and mortar clinic. The work involved, from a clinical standpoint, is exciting, fun and has a serious technological twist.

From a non-clinical standpoint, XRHealth is a start up company in its early growth phase, and we, as clinicians, are met with new challenges everyday. The company is growing and the fabric of our work protocols and procedures are growing with it, which keeps us on our toes. With a lot of various roles being created to support our clinical team, it is great to be part of an environment where the broader goal of successful healthcare to patients underpins every move the company makes. There is also great emphasis on professional development, and we have a plethora of resources to access in order to achieve this. 

The team environment that is so strongly prevalent through all of XRHealth is a great culture to be involved with. Every day, we liaise with various members of the company in order to work towards achieving something within the broader picture. We work with our team leaders, patient success managers, clinician success managers, the research and development team and other clinicians – and we are all located in different parts of the world! In addition to this, mentorship and goal setting is a big part of our day to day focus currently, which sets the foundation for the growth and development we are trying to achieve as clinicians and as a company.

So, tomorrow, I might be seeing three patients, have a team meeting to discuss updates within the company, set aside some time to do some independent learning, see another three patients, work on a business proposal for the company and then finish the day by brushing up on my virtual reality technology skills … and then the following day might be completely different!

Basically, the typical day for an XRHealth physiotherapist could vary a great deal – but what doesn’t change is being part of a teafocused environment where everyone looks to provide our patients with the best health care we can!

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