Sanitising VR Headsets

There’s an important question to consider in the middle of a global pandemic – how do you go about sanitising VR headsets to be re-used?

It’s an important question! After all, when a patient is finished with their XRHealth headset, they send it back to us so we can use it again, but we need to take a few steps first.

Sanitising VR Headsets

The first step is using our Cleanbox to sanitise the headset. 

Independent lab testing recently undertaken at a Biohazard Level 3 lab shows that Cleanbox UVC engineering kills Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19), resulting in a 99.999%+ efficacy on plastics & hard surfaces in 60 seconds, and N95 masks in two minutes.

This is exactly why we chose to partner with Cleanbox for our sanitation needs – we needed to be sure that we were taking every precaution possible for cleanliness and hygiene. 

Updating VR Headsets

The next step is to make sure the headsets are 

updated with the latest software. Most patients will keep their headsets updated, but our team will still double check, and run the updates to be sure. 

There’s nothing worse than receiving a new piece of technology in the mail, only to spend time waiting for it to update right? 

Charging VR Headsets

Finally, we make sure the VR headsets are charged before we pack them back up.

Although our patients will charge their headsets as often as needed, we also know that the patient will likely need to use the headset straight away when they receive it, so we ensure there’s a full charge ready for them to use. 

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