Our Apps

The XRHealth applications have been developed to make physiotherapy fun, engaging and motivating. Our TGA registered medical device technology brings exercises and treatments together with games and virtual simulations, to allow progress and improvement to be carefully tracked and measured. 

Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast helps to improve shoulder range of motion in a defined area, by modifying and analysing speed and accuracy. It can be altered to use just one arm or both.

Color Match

Color Match measures a patient’s reaction time, by challenging them to ‘punch’ a colour as it lights up. The app can be made more challenging by speeding up the rate of colours, as well as adding additional colours, or other distractions such as birds flying by. 


Luna can assist with reducing the intensity and frequency of night sweats and hot flushes, such as those caused by chemotherapy treatment in breast cancer patients. Luna also has additional benefits that may assist with improved sleep and less sleep disturbances.


Exercise coupled with memory exercises can help the brain to function more efficiently. Memorize asks you to remember items and then presents you with a moving conveyor belt full of various items. When you see the item, you need to reach for them as if you’re putting them into your bag.


Mindset is a relatively new app for XRHealth, promoting meditation and relaxation. It allows us to augment our reality and temporarily escape our current stressors and pain.


React can help to improve physical and cognitive functional abilities. In this application we can track speed, the number of mistakes you make, duration of exercise time and whether you use one arm or both. We can also make this app even more challenging to get you more engaged by changing the glove colours and targets you need to hit.


Relax helps to control your breathing. Breath control has been demonstrated to reduce effects of stress and anxiety as well as promote improved lung capacity, clear mucus, reduce pain, reduce blood pressure and heart rate as well as stimulate the lymphatic system to help clear waste and toxins in the body causing inflammation.


Neck mobility and strength is essential in more functions than we probably realise. The neck carries essential information from the nerves in our brain to the rest of our body. Rotate works on strengthening the neck, as well as increasing neck range of motion. We can also track reaction time, speed of movement and quality of movement.