Virtual Reality Physiotherapy

We deliver on-demand personalised physiotherapy using virtual reality technology. 

Why choose virtual reality over traditional face-to-face physiotherapy?

  • It’s different – use different apps and transport yourself to another world to complete your exercises
  • It’s fun and engaging – swipe at balloons with a sword, chase a dragon, or try virtual boxing
  • It’s motivating – you can compete against yourself to beat your own high scores
  • It gives you insight – use the XRHealth mobile app to track your progress over time 
  • It engages your mind and your body – whether you’re using the apps for meditation, relaxation or stress management, or to strengthen and rehabilitate a muscle, you’ll find yourself working hard using our virtual reality technology 

Most importantly, it’s done at your own pace. Schedule sessions with your physiotherapist at your convenience, and fit your exercises in when they suit you – before work, after lunch, or right before bed.