NDIS Virtual Reality Physiotherapy and Psychology is here. Don’t wait any longer.

Regular sessions with a qualified AHPRA registered Physiotherapist and/or Psychologist can support you to achieve your NDIS goals.  

Are you focusing on health and wellbeing? Do you have goals which aim to build your skills and abilities?  Do you have goals for social and participation? Are you looking for something new and exciting?

XRHealth has the solution for you as our qualified therapists use Virtual Technology to support individual programs which are designed around meeting your goals.  

XRHealth therapy is delivered by telehealth so you can complete sessions in your own home, when it suits you. No more time and money spent travelling to appointments.

The clinician will recommend the right services and supports for you. If you are happy with the schedule of supports, we work with you to achieve your goals. It’s that simple.

We provide telehealth, phone and virtual sessions which will be combined in a way which best meets your needs. Regular contact with your clinician will keep you connected and working towards your goals. Your clinician will develop your individualised plan which will be regularly reviewed and modified based on your needs and feedback.

For appointments, these sessions can include not only time with your clinician, but connect you to group work through our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

The data collected from the VR Technology can assist therapists with their clinical recommendations for NDIA plan reviews.

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment with XRHealth is easy! 

  1. Book online and select your preferred date & time
  2. We’ll give you a call to confirm and make sure Virtual Reality is right for you
  3. An XRHealth VR headset will be shipped to you at no cost
  4. Your journey with XRHealth will begin! 

If you get stuck at any point, our friendly Clinical Operations team are here to help! Call 1300 907 815 or email officeau@xr.health 


NDIS Initial Psychology Consultation: $150 for 50 min
NDIS Ongoing Psychology Consultation: $150 for 50 min

NDIS Initial Physiotherapy Consultation: $150 for 60 min
NDIS Ongoing Physiotherapy Consultation: $115 for 45 min
Social and Participation Bundle: $55 per week